Welcome to HomeYoga Studio of Commerce Township, MI!

Walking to Class
Walking into HomeYoga!

1/19/13 - Workshops have been added! Go to Classes for details!         


  It has always been my dream to dwell in a community where everyone feels valued. I guess you heard me calling because you have come and, together, we are creating HomeYoga.
          The concept is simple. We give ourselves permission to find where we belong in any given moment and then live fully for as long as we are there. In the comfort of the small classes at HomeYoga, we search our edges and explore new territory supporting one another along the way. Then we take our experiences and share them with the world.
          All you have to do is let go of any notion of where you think that you’re supposed to be and trust that you will get to exactly where you need to be. Once you’ve reached that place of surrender into what is, you will be ready for your newest frontier and that next class…with us.
          If you are looking for a place to light for a while, look over the class schedule or contact me at homeyogastudio@yahoo.com to discuss options.
          While you are here, you may go to my Philosophy page to learn more about the “big” idea or Reflections to sync-up with what’s going on in my head and possibly find yourself “reflected” there.

Wherever you go…go in peace,

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